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Joe Neber the President and Owner of Contender Boats founded the company in 1984. An avid saltwater sportsman, Joe has an undeniable passion for fishing and boating, which is evident by his work in resource conservation. The Fish and Wildlife Foundation of Florida named Joe and Contender the 2016 Conservation Partner of the Year.

Contender One, was the top center console fishing boat in Bluewater Movement’s 2017 Quest for the Crest, capping a long history of successful tournament fishing.

Contender Fishing Boats have been fished in South Florida for over 30 years.  With thousands of boats floating along coasts around the country, the product is the best testament to the dedication to “Performance Through Innovation”.

Despite your fishing level, you’re starting with the unfair advantage of a Contender Fishing Boat.  Contender builds 22′-39′ boats for fisherman and families on the water.  All models 25′ and up are made of three pieces — the hull, liner, and cap.  The fiberglassed pieces fit together to build a fishing machine.

Contenders are outfitted with a full suite of Yamaha engine options, custom leaning posts, offshore fishing towers, and array of fishing accessories to make these boats custom fishing machines.  Contender Boats are built to fish with a full arsenal of rod holders, outriggers, livewells, transducer, outriggers, GPS, and other variety of other custom sport fishing options.  The result is a boat built for to both  unparalleled fishability, comfort, range, and speed.

The Contender manufacturing facility is located in Homestead, FL. Service needs are accommodated by a dealer network of ~25 outlets throughout the United States.

Offshore Range and Speed


Fishing enthusiasts will remember Capt. Ralph Delph as one of the founding members of the Miami Sportfishing Club, a two time “Master Angler” of the prestigious Miami Metropolitan South Florida Tournament (MET), later guiding more “Master Anglers” than any other captain in MET history.




 Conditions can change quickly and dramatically in our vast oceans. That’s why Contender employees and their families spend lots of time in the craft they create. From top level managers all the way down to the shop floor, there is a shared respect for the gravity of offshore situations that can arise on seemingly perfect days. This respect goes into every inch of every boat made so that when adverse weather prevails without notice people are confident in our product to get them back to safety comfortably.  From rough days at sea, to the sweet taste of tournament fishing victory…You’re ALWAYS in the GAME with a Contender.




Not unlike a fine oil painting or sculpture. Not unlike a rocket. Contender is thoughtfully designed, meticulously crafted, and most of all: born from passion. Each Contender is crafted with aerospace grade composites, meaning biaxial and triaxial cloths, structural core sandwich construction, vinylester resin, and specially formulated gel coats for high gloss, mirror-like finishes. Polyurethane foam is injected into specific areas, insulating ice for days and attenuating sound for stealthiness.


Unlike some mass production boat builders, we at Contender pride ourselves on keeping this experience personal. Your Contender is made for you, with you in mind. You will team with the finest craftsmen in a “hands-on” boat building process. Or not. You choose whether to customize each component of the vessel—from the hull size and power option to the electronics package, livewell rigging, down to the type of stitching on your upholstery, and more.


First time buyers need not be intimidated. Remember it’s not the size of the boat but its motion in the ocean! In either of the smaller Tournament Series or Sport Series models our entry level boats will get novices out on the water and provide an experience that will fuel a hunger for more.


When the mission changes and cruising is on the agenda you can still count on your Contender to get the job done. All models are available with a plethora of comfort options to suit even the most discerning customer. From teak packages, power actuated hatches and coolers, to several forward and rear seating options your Contender will be sure to impress.


Contender fishing boats are built to fish hard and fish fast.  It takes consistency, concentration, and discipline to make it to the victor's circle during high stakes fishing tournaments.  Catching trophy tournament winning fish requires a supreme attention to detail.  This glory demands your boat is the most prepared, and has the ability to land the big ones when the bite is on.

The best captains know that winning tournaments comes from constant improvement and a little bit of luck.  Staying in the game requires preparation, determination, and dedication to the craft.  Performance through innovation drives Contender Boats, and the top tournament fishing teams in south Florida and beyond.   On tournament day, every second counts, and the attention to detail makes the difference between a legacy of victory, and just another fishing tale ending in heartbreak.  The boat matters.  The details matter.  As a victor in the winner's circle, or as super dad on Saturday...You're not just another competitor...with a Contender...You're


Always in the Game.



Biscayne Bay is the perfect testing grounds for the perfect Bay Boat. The power to go offshore, with the flexibility of staying in the bay. Check out the 25′ Bay and other Bay Boat Options!


Tournament fishermen know that mother nature doesn’t plan for fishing tournaments. Those big wind days with big money on the line call for big boats that can handle tournament conditions.


If there’s one thing we’ve proven, it’s this: you don’t have to be around a long time to be considered a legend. Sport series Contender boats in a variety of sizes.

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